Braving the elements

I know I posted last week about the gross rainy weather we’ve been having, but I can’t help but now highlight the miserably cold temps we reached this weekend. I put a few pictures on our Facebook page of our indoor activities (aka snoozing), but, just like with the rain, we couldn’t entirely avoid going outside.

I’m not sure how A & A Friese do it up in Alaska, because down here as soon as it dips below 45 degrees, our tails tuck between our legs and we head straight for the Under Armour cold gear. I heard somewhere that dogs with short hair, like pit bull type dogs, need to have a jacket any time humans need a jacket because they’re just as sensitive to the cold. I think Baxter is EXTRA sensitive of the cold. So between him being a total weenie about it, and how much my mom & I enjoy spoiling him, Baxter has acquired quite the wardrobe.

For cooler but not freezing temps, he has his hoodies. As you may remember, he has one in blue…

… and he also has one in red.

For cool weather he also has a green & blue fleece sweatshirt. This one is adorable because it has a little pocket on the back, but it is definitely meant for a little dog. Even though it is an XL I had to cut the armpits because his chest is so broad and I didn’t want it giving him rubs.

Then of course you all remember the rain coat – for wet but not very cold weather. This actually does a great job of keeping him dry in the rain so that he stays warm upon our arrival back inside.

For the cold cold days, we got him a really great coat from Dover Saddlery. This coat covers his whole body – including his big booty – to ensure full cold protection. It velcros in the front and under the stomach for easy assembly. It was also a lot cheaper than the ones from Petsmart – only about $20!

While the Dover Saddlery one is great, it isn’t good for rain or snow so he has an elements-proof one that has a similarly easy velcro set up to the Dover blanket. It also comes with a bright reflective strip across the back so Baxter is visible on our walks – safety first!!! The only way we could get one big enough to cover his whole body, like my mom insists, was to buy an XXL and sew our own velcro higher up on the straps. Worked like a charm! With the fleece inside and weather proof outside, this is his coziest outfit yet.

So yes, I know we have entirely too many clothing options for Mr. Baxter. But with both my mother and me being the worrywart type, there was no way he was going to step foot outside in the arctic tundra that is MD right now without the proper clothing. My mother just wouldn’t allow it (and that is why I love her : -)). We ended up with a lot of them because we were trial & error-ing what worked and what didn’t, but then just kept them all anyway.

All of these coats are great, but when it gets ear-numbingly chilly, an alternative form of cold gear needs to be thought up. It seems Baxter found just the trick…

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16 thoughts on “Braving the elements

    • haha Baxter can be quite intolerant of a few things, but clothing is not one of them! I think since he likes being warm so much he will wear anything! I’ll pass the message on, maybe he can talk some sense into Oscar.

  1. Love the duds!! Our Bella LOVES to dress up but we have such a hard time finding things that fit just right. We’ve been eyeing those hoodies for awhile, may have to break down and get one…or two. They’d be perfect for our “cooler” weather.

    • Yeah, I tried to get just one – clearly that didn’t work! They’re great except since I have to get the XL they are really long and he pees on them sometimes lol but if you’re good about adjusting them for her when she wants to pee, you might be okay : -)

  2. Ohmyword! I love all your pictures and all of Baxters clothes, and I though two layers for Molly was pushing it haha. And thanks for the shout out!! It has been entirely to cold up here, ugh, no park or long walks for these pups until it gets above 0!

  3. I have one of those coats from Dover Saddlery for Nemo! That thing is amazingly warm… Where did you get those hoodies for Bax? They are super cute!

  4. I know I am late to reply, and we have a record breaking 80 degree day here in mid March of Iowa, but I have to weigh in on the coats. My Abbie (pibble) has so little fur on her belly you could hardly tell where they shaved when they spayed her. My goal was finding a coat that covered her belly. I got a fleece slip over the head one from Petsmart. One trip outside in it last winter and she now sits patiently while I put it on her. She KNOWS it helps. Not sure about the rain coat. I open the door and get a “No thanks, I’ll hold it” look as she goes back to the couch…sigh…

    • Oh, and I SWORE I would never put clothes on my dogs, but it is out of necessity. I now have stock in various sizes for fosters. Theisen’s (local farm store) had a great one that velcroed all along the back. I would suggest that style for anyone unsure about getting their dog into a coat, easy in, and really easy out.

      Loving your blog and catching up on it from the beginning!

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