So a Pit Bull Walks Into a Bar. . .

… Wait, I’m not kidding?

If there were ever my doggy version of heaven on earth, it would be combining my favorite dogs with my favorite bars. I got the opportunity to do just that for work last week when we had a fundraising event at a bar that invited us to bring some adoptable pups along. Awesome, right!? This bar called The Rooftop is one of the only rooftop bars in my area, and I love rooftop bars. (I was in paradise when I was in Austin – rooftop bar central!)

It was the perfect summer evening, and lots of people showed up for happy hour. Duke, the pittie we brought, and Tucker, an adorable cocker/beagle something or another, absolutely loved working the crowd.  They both behaved beautifully, soaking up belly rubs galore. Here they are getting their adorable faces ready before the crowds came!

Humane Societies often do small scale fundraising events like this at local restaurants or bars. You should check out what’s going on in your area to see if you can support your local animal charity by going out for drinks!

4 thoughts on “So a Pit Bull Walks Into a Bar. . .

  1. What a great idea! Introducing adoptable pups to the young, active crowd. Hope it was successful for those two. It’s also a great opportunity to recruit volunteers. I will be looking around our town of Pittsburgh for similar events. Thanks for the info!

  2. Okay, not only does the idea of a rooftop bar on its own completely blow my mind, but there is one that supports rescue dogs as well? How amazing is that? I hope the event was a huge success!

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