Best Toy Ever

Over the weekend I made an impulse purchase of a new toy for Johnnie. It was a combo of her two favorite toys: a strong rope and a big ball. Called a Jolly Pet Romp-n-Roll Toy, I figured Johnnie would really like this new find. I was wrong – she *LOVED* it.


This toy is perfect for our new found favorite form of exercise: moving vertically. Nothing tires Johnnie out faster than the exceptional effort of trying to grab a toy I’ve waved right above her head.  It’s also a great outlet for her natural need to chase/catch things. We absolutely love it, as does she!

toy03Just like tug, we make sure that we have rules when we play a game like this. Johnnie must always be sitting calmly and making eye contact with me before she gets the “okay!” cue to go for the toy. By realizing that moving towards the toy makes it go away and most definitely does not get her closer to catching it, she quickly learned to sit and wait politely.

toy06She also must drop it when we ask. Her “drop it” cue is a little rusty, so we use this game as a way to practice. As soon as Johnnie gets the rules down, she is free to play away! Check out this little jumping bean in action.

toy08 toy05 toy03 toy02 toy01Can you see now why it tires her out so well? We went ahead and expanded on this concept by buying her a flirt pole from Squishy Face Studios. We are in love! This type of play is so much fun because it’s both a bonding experience and ultra-fast exhausting tool. Aside from crowded public events or difficult new experiences, I’m not sure there’s anything else that makes little J work this hard. Look at her tired smile!


toy09Does anyone else use a flirt pole or other similar exercises to work their dogs?

11 thoughts on “Best Toy Ever

  1. Teresa

    We bought the same ball last year for Foz. He LOVES it and so do I because it’s a ball that stands up to the teeth being punctured into it and everything. He has put his teeth through it and it still is going strong. We bought it because we had heard that horses use them to play with and thought if it can’t survive a horse playing with it then it can’t make it through Fozzy play sessions. P.S. he did chew the rope off but he still loves the ball! Best toy ever!

  2. We have a Jolly Pet Tug N Toss and a Jolly Pet Teaser Ball. While they make for great play they aren’t toys I’d leave along with the dogs, definitely nowhere near chew proof.

    Our favorite toys? Tennis balls, Chuckit! balls, and Kong Squeezz balls. They also love the braided & knotted toys I make from fleece blankets. They last much longer than regular rope toys and leave a fraction of the mess!

  3. Ray has a jolly ball and a flirt pole, both of which he loves. He actually just plays with his jolly ball mostly by himself by flinging it around and worked the rope out of it, which I replaced with braided fleece.

  4. We have a jolly ball (although I’m not sure what happened to it over the winter…) and we are HUGE fans of flirting! We have found the flirt pole not only to be AMAZING at wearing out the pooches, but we love using it as a training tool!

  5. I love those pics of her jumping. I play tug with my dog using a rope toy. I have him practice his tricks and then we play tug as a reward. He loves it.

  6. DrW

    Looks like an “easy on the owner” way to get the dog’s energy out. Great idea! Johnnie def needs to try agility. She looks like a natural!

  7. Laura S

    We have a Flirt Pole too! We LOVE it! Both our guys get a very good workout and it has absolutely helped reinforce the “wait” and “drop it” commands. Plus it’s a great tool for winter time when we can’t be outside for too long (great physical and mental workout in a short amount of time).
    We also have a Jolly Ball (the kind with a handle, not a rope) and our pittie LOVES it. We leave it outside and the last one lasted over 2 years before it was too punctured to really be called a “ball” haha. But if a toy lasts 2 years in our house it’s a success!
    Love J’s bouncing and hoping pictures! She’s so stinkin’ cute!

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